The Best Online Casino to Play Keno Games in the UK

There’s a lot more to casinos than the classic roulette or blackjack games. In fact, if you like to gamble and one of the usual suspects doesn’t quite strike your fancy, you’ve got a lot more to choose from. A great example of a player favourite is keno online, a simple game of chance you’ve probably already seen countless times in a lottery format – though this game is actually different from lotto itself. Remember watching the numbers being drawn on live TV, with a moderator in tow? Well there’s no need for that now if you don’t want to buy lotto tickets at the corner shop – simply login to an online casino and play one of the many online keno types.

The Best Casinos for Keno Online
Casino: CasumoSoftware: MahigamingMonkey Keno and a £300 Bonus!Spread your number picks with up to 15 selections and get up to a x10,000 payout!Play Now!
Casino: 777 CasinoSoftware: Section8Claim up to £200 in Welcome BonusesPick up to 10 numbers and prompt the draw instantly. Select Autoplay to speed things up.Play Now!
Casino: MansionSoftware: PlaytechPlay Keno with a £500 Bonus!Pick up to 10 numbers and take advantage of Play Five autobet to win some money faster!Play Now!

This page will provide exhaustive info on what the best casinos are for playing keno online. These keno casino games may come from various software developers, with each providing its own twist on this easy, classic game. Stay tuned for details!

How to Spot the Best Place to Play Keno Online

When looking up where to play keno online for money, you’ll come face to face with an avalanche of online casino choices. It may be difficult to then pick the right place for playing keno casino games – especially since each gambling site comes up with its own selection of titles and dedicated perks like bonuses or promotions. These are just some of the factors that players consider when deciding on where to gamble, in addition to elements like payouts and RTPs and bonus conditions.

Make Sure It Has the Best Keno Games

If you’ve spent some time on playing the classic casino game categories online, you’ll know that some casino sites pack a serious punch when it comes to the quantities of online roulette or even live game tables. With keno online, you’re looking at a slightly humbler collection. Whereas some games may come in dozens, keno variants will be just a handful at a time. That doesn’t mean, though, that these titles aren’t worth your time.

The Best Keno Games Online!

Of the handful of keno games on the online gambling scene, you’re sure to hit some highlights. The most interesting of the bunch is probably Monkey Keno, which adds a bit of panache to the rather straightforward game with a vivid background and fun animations. The classic keno is well suited for traditionalists. It offers a simple layout and a no-frills approach. Golden Bonanza Keno from the game-makers at Chartwell is a glitzier approach to the game, and Disco Keno will please fans of bright colours, perhaps quite similar to many retro or jewel-themed online slots which are playable en masse at each of our recommended casino sites. The rules of the game stay largely the same, with each game having a different offering in terms of design and the overall player experience, though there may also be some bonus features in one or two titles. Some of these unique features are dicussed further down the page in the keno payouts section.

Preview image of the game Monkey Keno.

With the rising popularity of online casinos, there’s a fair chance that the online keno repertoire will grow. Or, at least, one would hope so. There’s a lot to keep up with on the gaming market nowadays, so fresh gaming creations face an added challenge of setting the bar higher than whatever came before. And this is where keno does have an advantage. A small number of game variants means there’s nowhere to go but up, and with some of these title’s outdated graphics, a facelift wouldn’t do any harm, either.

Check for Inclusive Bonus Conditions

When browsing for your next keno online casino, it’ll be wise to look not only at the overall potential value of the bonus but also read the associated small print. There will be little use for massive bonuses if you won’t ever satisfy the turnover conditions or if your game of choice doesn’t even qualify. Checking the small print to find out whether keno actually qualifies and contributes to the wagering requirement should be the first step of every good keno fan bonus hunter.

A keno bonus image.
  • Two keno games
  • 100% wagering contribution
  • 100% bonus of up to £200
ecogragamcareGambling Licence:Licence No.: 39028

The bigger the contribution percentage, the better. But the good news is, some casinos set a 100% wagering contribution for casual games, often including keno. The casino above is one of the generous ones, and though there’s only two keno games to choose from, you’ll be in good hands at this site. And if you feel like taking a break by playing other casino games, you’ll have plenty to choose from!

Look for the Best Keno Casino Game Payouts

If you’re now clear on the above categories of keno casino games and bonus conditions tied to them, a final element to consider is the RTP or payouts. Return to player rate is a concept you may know from online slots. It is a percentage number which represents, theoretically, how much of your wagered money you will get back from playing the game over an extended playing period. As wins and losses alternate, the gameplay will resemble a wave the longer you play. Though, with a good instinct, you will know to quit when you’re riding the crest of the wave rather than when you’re at the bottom. In any case, repeat players of keno will choose smartly and go for the game with the highest RTP.

Payout RatesA keno payouts image showing numbered balls and a percentage symbol. RTP Overview Unique Features
98.17% Golden Bonanza Keno Lucky Dip (Random Number Selection)
94.90% Monkey Keno Hot & Cold Maps, Quick Pick
94.00% Keno (Microgaming) None
93.51% Disco Keno Turbo Play (Play More Quickly)
92.44% Classic Keno (Section8 Studio) Autoselect (Random Number Selection)

As explained above, RTP figures are theoretical and refer to very long, continued play times. So take these percentages with a grain of salt – especially since you will likely not go on playing until infinity. However, using RTPs as a guiding point will help you weed out games with smaller win potential from the rest.

Software Providers

The limited selection of games on the scene makes it a breeze for me to tell you more about software developers who have dabbled in this game. No matter whose product you play, you won’t find cutting-edge 3D graphics which would match some online reels, nor live versions of any keno game. That would actually be quite weird. But who knows, maybe one day this glass ceiling will also be broken. Without further ado, the software provider you’re most likely to bump into on your quest to find the best keno casino game is Microgaming. With a classic variant in addition to Monkey Keno, this software titan proves that it can go beyond modern reels and table or card games and serve us some unconventional diversions also. Chartwell is another provider, though lesser known. Nevertheless, its Golden Bonanza Keno can keep up with its rival in every aspect.

The Advantages of Keno Casino Games Online

Keno is easy enough to spot in your daily goings-on, even if you don’t spend time perusing online casino reviews. Available at many betting shops or perhaps even at some land-based casino, the game is quick to access. At the same time, online keno has got an upper hand over the traditional form in several ways. Apart from the multiple reasons why online casinos trump brick-and-mortar joints, online keno provides a more convenient experience in that you don’t have to wait for a daily draw of numbers. You do as many rounds as you want, whenever you want.

Besides, there won’t be much to look at with a paper keno ticket when it comes to eye-catching designs or animations. Online keno games spruce to format up with captivating details, sounds and bonus features which definitely up the attractiveness of this simple game. You have a choice of several – though not yet too many – keno games, and can bounce between these at different casinos as you wish.

The Future of Online Keno and News

Despite the online offering, it looks like keno has been able to not only retain its traction in the offline market but perhaps even expand it. Just in November 2017, keno made headlines stateside when North Carolina decided to add the game to its Education Lottery, with drawings taking place every five minutes. This was met with a huge, positive response from players, who appreciate the low-ticket prices and the high turnover of rounds. Where this puts online keno is hard to say. I see the potential for expanding the games offer with some new, fresh titles and updated optics. However, given the fact that classic casino games tend to be a lot more profitable for gaming sites, I wouldn’t hold my breath. You can keep an eye out for any new keno updates on our dedicated casino news channel below.

The latest casino news

Conclusion: An Easy To Pick Up Lottery-Style Game

If this game is your jam, discovering where to play keno online for money would definitely be a good start. There is a handful of games to choose from, each with a dedicated theme, and you might even get your hands on some bonus rounds. The trickiest part is to find the right casino – and this will pose no challenge if you keep an eye on bonus conditions and game selection. If you’re a newbie, consider this: keno is extremely easy to pick up, so there’s nothing standing in the way of you trying it out right now. The rounds are fast and the games are accessible as long as online casinos are open – which is around the clock. If you’re still on the fence, check out my summary of the ups and downs of this game before you start picking your next keno casino online, or check out related games like lottery or try something new and dip your feet into sports betting.

Best Keno CasinoMonkey Keno Play now!
The Advantages of Playing Online Keno at a Glance
  • Major Strengths
  • Fast gameplay
  • Special features
  • Major Weaknesses
  • Very few games
  • Minor Strengths
  • Select up to 15 numbers
  • Minor Weaknesses
  • Outdated graphics
  • Future development uncertain